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Current situation re openings / conditions
Posted by Jason on 2020-05-22 10:49:55
Barry Bamberg is prosperous (to now) but what happens to the aspiring middle classes? And of course we agree on many things. The money that people have. You're quite right, and you're only 2 years older than my father. Who was born in jersey, and I grow up there among some of the richest people living in the world. As he did, but as a jerseyman. One of the ressons I left, was this sense of entitlement.. My father played professional football, but didn't make it. My parents lived a relatively poor situation, though with a lot of highlights.

So I've probably latched on to Bamberg from this idea of comfort. I have a good job at adidas and Beth has a good job in the health system but she's underpaid by at least 10€k w year for what she does. And my wage is better than what my mother and father earned combined but it still lags behind the market and what is necessary to buy property. 

It's not a sob story. But I'm pretty tired of being judged on my accent and where I come from rather than for who I am. I couldn't give a toss about money. I place much more value in people I spend time with and the person I love. 

Ps for those who think Germany is amazing or rule abiding let me just tell you that I got off at treuchtlingen station at 11.30 this morning and noted that the station store (which had beer from the local brewery) closed on Friday's at 8pm. When I arrived back at 19.15 there was a changed sign with scribbled writing saying 'closed at 18uhr'. The hypocrisy here is staggering. 
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