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Posted by Jason on 2020-05-09 12:29:33
Andrew certainly has said it, but he isn't the only one of course. I remember watching a video where the brewer from Schoenram said that the brewing a quality Helles is the hardest style. The beer is naked, and faults cannot be hidden. 

Re Barry's question of beers under 4,8%, Spezial Lager is 4,7% (on draft, bottled it's 4,9%). But again, these are advertised strenths, BUT again (again), I drink a lot of it and, if it's not 4,7%, it's not far off. I recall thoroughly enjoying Reuter (Unterbibert) Vollbier Dunkel with Juergen and it was around 4,2% - an outstanding beer, sadly no longer with us. 

And on the matter of Czechs brewing 'high octane ales' I would say that it's the same logic as you enjoying your Belgium ales at home but not in the pub - there's a beer for every and any ocassion and a taste to enjoy it - it's not everyone'e taste, but even I sometimes imbibe on an IPA in Prague if i've been drinking lagers all day. 

Re Andrew's question, I'm not sure what you mean about Lenten? Of course beers are stronger around this time (Fastenbier etc), but I don't think this has any bearing on what is brewed through the rest of the year. It's a bit like bock beer in Autumn, or Christmas beer in the UK (Festbiers, like Harveys or Bathams). 

It's certainly a Catholic area, the most Catholic in Bavaria. I keep asking what the church has done during this crisis, as it's now allowed to hold services (?!!). Maybe they have donated millions to the health services but have been very quiet about it. Or maybe they've done sod all.  I have my opinion. 
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