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Brauerei Schroll
Posted by David Greenlee on 2020-05-22 12:58:04
The beer from Brauerei Schroll has arrived. I was hoping it would be their Kellerbier but unfortunately it is a Helles. Quite hoppy for the style but otherwise unremarkable, which is a shame because it's a 5 liter keg. Still I'll look on the bright isn't something from the AB InBev stable.
                 Brauerei Schroll by TomM on  2020-05-23 00:41:20
                   Brauerei Schroll by David Greenlee on  2020-05-25 01:19:25
                     Brauerei Schroll by TomM on  2020-05-25 02:50:51
                       Brauerei Schroll by Jason  on  2020-05-25 03:24:52
                       Brauerei Schroll by David Greenlee on  2020-05-28 02:20:40
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