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Posted by Jason on 2020-04-02 00:58:30
I would contest that new world wines are better ;) but it's all down to taste and preference. 

Where wine is made / grapes are grown is important and much more critical than beer. In the age of 'craft brewing', all styles are brewed everywhere now. It's no longer true that you only get ales in the UK and lagers in Franconia or pilsners in Northern Germany. The only real comparable with beer is where the hops are grown - but these are exported and used worldwide so even this doesn't match up. Water is treated so is less important. Fortunately, the old world powerhouses of brewing like Britain, Germany, Belgium and the Czech lands still have their traditional variants to go alongside the modern 'global' styles. 

i would actually say the winemaker is less important when buying wine than the location. These kind of subtleties come later, but knowing the difference between an alsatian Riesling and a Rhineland
Pfalz Riesling (geographically very close but very different terroir) is more important. I guess because I was brought up with wine as well as beer and that my parents live in France means I have quite a lot of experience of what a few miles make in the taste of a wine. I love the rich reds from the Langoudoc region of south western France and the reds of Tuscany. And the sweet wines of Banyuls and the rich (expensive) trockenbeerenauslese of the Rhineland. Strangely I'm not a big fan of Franconian wine, though it's pedigree is clear. 

i just realized I used the word 'terroir' on the beer forum... 6am tomorrow morning by the wall is it? laugh
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