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Bicycle around Bamberg
Posted by Sol on 2020-02-12 01:53:04

Hi folks, 


We are a group of norwegian buddies in the late 40s heading towards Bamberg late in May. It has become a tradition that we do this the last 10 years. Two years ago we were staying at Fässla. We then planned to wander a bit around, but due to some of the participants injuries( new shoes...) we had to use taxi. We do not that to happen again and this time we want to rent bicycles. We got a lot of useful info and inside tips last time. I will certainly not forget our visit at Brauerei Zehendner in Mönchsambach. Great village and beer.Thanks!


This time we stay at a hotel since our beloved Fässla couldn’t accommodate the group. At Friday we will try to visit the Weyemann Maltzerei and bicycle in the near proximity of the city center. Maybe a cycle to a keller like Schrauder or Griess, but time will show.


At Saturday and Sunday we are up for serious adventure. We have visited some of the breweries in the 13-Brauerei weg at previous trips, so will try to visit new ones. The density of breweries and keller’s are impressing, so we need to plan and choose carefully. We also of course have to consider opening times. We do not want any accidents to happen either, so the number of breweries must not be to many(3-4).  I will appreciate any recommendations and tips from you fellow beer and culture “ franconians”. Quality of beer/gasthaus and the surroundings meant for cycling is important . I have understood that it’s possible to bring cycle with the train. So maybe we take the train from Bamberg to Reckendorf or Ebing and start from there at Saturday. Lots of breweries in the area: Mürsbach, Freudenneck etc. and then head south to Bamberg. Can’t visit them all, but which of them do you recommend? 


At Sunday I have not made up my opinion yet. But on my list of breweries we and I have not jet visited are many: Huppendorf, Kündmuller, Hönig ( closed last time I wandered part of the 13-brauerei), Müller in Debring, Roßdorf am Forst. And thoughts will be  much appreciated. Thanks!

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