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So many ...
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2019-07-26 14:33:18
There are so many here but little comment, maybe because we have exhausted novel things to say? Ok, so tonight I and Marks party went to Canalisimo, the scene of probably the first ever attempt to organise a group from the Forum to meet up? To be honest, I got pretty hopelessly inebriated, so much so that Jacqueline said never again! So I defied orders but was it worth it? Really, no. My nemory, which is probably skewed by time and alcohol, was of a pleasant local beer fest. However,Canalisimo is now a 'cultural event'. I'm not sure whose or what culture because the only thing vaguely cultural were a couple of rocks (didn't impress my younger and more knowledgeable companions). Otherwise, it was a typical German strassenfest, lots of food, lots of people promenading, a few beer places. Beer content: nice Seidlas from Fischer Greuth and Zehendner. Finished off with a couple 9f pils in Faessla. Excellent.
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