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10 days itinerary (Franken, Oberpfalz, Plsen)
Posted by JP on 2018-11-26 16:50:33
Thank you, Jason. This were great informations. Looking forward to meet. (i'm not on fb, but hope to arrange something via mail soon!).Folowing yr comments I also decided to return for CZ next year instead and spread the visits over the extra days. Is my email visible in the forums? Please write me a short message!!

About the Anstichs; I might have wrongly assume that Franconcian bar culture might be very subdued at this time of the year and a majority of breweries would be switching to kegs for their normal offerings.

Extravagant may well be quaint and traditional! De Dolle would likelt be my extravagant referential point for belgian brewing.

are there some bars in franconia that have a varied selection of locall breweries available? since my originial post I stumbled over Stoerenkeller and thought to add Held-Braus, Wirtshaus Weiglathal and Prechtl.

Does anyone know contact information to visit the different Zoigl brewers (during their off times - if just for a brief exchange/purchase of bottles/party kegs)?
       10 days itinerary (Franken, Oberpfalz, Plsen) by Barry on  2018-11-27 01:02:02
       10 days itinerary (Franken, Oberpfalz, Plsen) by Jason  on  2018-11-27 01:03:02
         10 days itinerary (Franken, Oberpfalz, Plsen) by Barry Taylor on  2018-11-27 05:54:39
           10 days itinerary (Franken, Oberpfalz, Plsen) by JP on  2018-11-27 15:26:53
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