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Krug, Geisfeld closes
Posted by Jason on 2018-10-13 02:58:51
There is no question that it's closed Barry, the question was whether more details will follow. I heard it from a friend and Fred confirmed he's heard something similar. I have sent a text to Robert for final confirmation. 

Kitzmann was nothing compared to this one, a real gem of a pub. Admittedly I wasn't a frequent visitor but i always enjoyed it when I did. I guess a small village with 2 breweries and a keller (plus at least one other pub I can remember) can't sustain all. But then I'm speculating. 
       Krug, Geisfeld closes by Barry on  2018-10-14 01:45:06
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       Krug, Geisfeld closes by Barm on  2018-10-15 03:12:12
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                   Krug, Geisfeld closes by Jason  on  2018-10-18 03:31:22
                     Krug, Geisfeld closes by Mosquit on  2018-10-18 06:28:19
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