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Posted by BrianW on 2018-07-31 09:56:30
Hi everyone.  My name is Brian and I've been reading this forum for a while now and thought I'd introduce myself before I start asking questions. First off (and please don't hold this against me) I'm a homebrewer from the Boston area in the US. While I do drink a New England IPA on occasion, I am far more interested in tradional and historical brewing traditions and I read lots of brewing history and most of my homebrewing is dedicated to brewing more tradional "styles" and historical recipes. 

I spent a lovely summer studying German in Mannheim in 1991 and a miserable winter living in Hamburg in 1995 but haven't been back to Germany since then. I am planning my first trip to Franconia next summer to celebrate my 50th birthday and my 5th wedding anniversary. (Actually, I've been to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, but I don't think that really counts.) Unlike many of you who are fortunate enough to travel to beer heaven every year, this will likely be my only chance to travel there for quite a while (kids, work, pets, usw). And my wife isn't a huge beer lover, so I need to plan a trip that is scenic while also giving me the opportunity to try as many of the great beers of Franconia as possible.

Because I won't be able to travel to Franconia that often, one of my other main goals is to improve my own homebrewed versions of classic Franconian beers so that I can sit in my backyard and pretend that I am at a Bierkeller. I am a huge fan of Schlenkerla's beers and a local pub often has Mahrs U (or just this weekend their unfiltered pils) on tap. I have gathered as many recipes as I can find on various beers from Franconia, but there just aren't that many good sources. And so I'm particularly interested in discussing recipes and brewing techniques. Some American homebrewers these days are obsessed with trying to brew the perfect Helles and copy the brewing practices of large industrial Bavarian breweries. I am far more interested in traditional small family breweries that brew unique and flavorful beers.

So thank you for everything that I have already learned from all of you and I look forward to joining in the conversation.
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