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Wagner - Oberhaid
Posted by Jason on 2018-06-22 01:39:41
This is Franconia. They can get away with selling the occasional sub standard beer because generally people are not beer connoisseurs, they just drink the stuff, and money talks. If they can get away with it they do - of course a brewery outside of Bamberg may not have that luxury, without the constant flow of tourists that allow the Bamberg breweries to get away with things like this. Klosterbraeu and Faessla have also had issues with beer quality in the past and they didn't suffer. Mahrs is the current consistent perpetrator - most people don't even notice that the beer is poorer now; the brewery lives off the brand and good marketing. And as I've said before, people I know and trust here agree, unamimously, and actually don't even go to Mahrs anymore, where it was a favourite. 

Some people noticed Keesmann for sure, but not many. I even asked at the brewery if anyone had complained - of course the waitress gave me a sweet 'butter wouldn't melt' smile and said no. Contrast at Torschuster where, after I mentioned it, Thomas later sent 6 barrels back. Different mentalities. 
                 Wagner - Oberhaid by barry on  2018-06-22 04:24:09
                   Wagner - Oberhaid by Jason  on  2018-06-22 05:19:51
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