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Posted by Jason on 2018-05-30 05:19:35
Would dispute the one of the 'best breweries in Franconia' tag. Before anyone gets upset, their beers are fine, good even, but it is certainly not in my top 10. Might not even scrape into my top 20.  

And again, before anyone gets upset; yes it's all down to personal taste and opinion, hence why I'm giving mine. And I know others like it, and I haven't a problem with that. At all. 

But the fact that I rarely visit is pretty big indicator. 

ps. I would ring ahead. 
           Bockbieranstich  by Mike on  2018-05-30 05:59:16
             Bockbieranstich  by Jason  on  2018-05-30 07:44:01
               Bockbieranstich  by Mike on  2018-05-30 13:06:44
                 Bockbieranstich  by Jason on  2018-05-30 14:39:53
                   Bockbieranstich  by Mike on  2018-05-30 22:44:58
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