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Bock Bier
Posted by FredW on 2018-03-31 21:54:16
You cannot convert Plato to ABV -- they are measuring different things. How many feet are there in an hour? (It's like making the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs)

Those calculators are doing an approximation -- that a wort of xxº Plato will typically have y.y% abv. Those formulas are less accurate for higher gravity worts.

Spaten Optimator is not 16.5º Plato, it is 18.2º (or at least that is what it was years ago when I was brewing)

And Gil, I know this pissed you off but watch your spelling -- you've spelled "bock" at least three different ways...
             Bock Bier by Euromann on  2018-03-31 23:32:23
               Bock Bier by Andrew H on  2018-04-01 01:26:33
               Bock Bier by Jason on  2018-04-01 02:59:07
                 Bock Bier by euromannn on  2018-05-17 15:26:02
                   Bock Bier by Jason  on  2018-05-18 04:14:24
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