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Bambergtrip - sone questions
Posted by barry on 2018-03-12 10:17:24
Agree with everything Jason says except Knoblach, which I like.  Is it as good as Eichorn. just a question of personal taste.

But another suggestion: Merkendorf, where you can sample, in my view and lots of other people's, some of the best beer in the near proximity of Bamberg, at Wagner and Hummel.  If you really want, you can make a complete day and sample Knoblach, Merkendorf and Memmelsdorf - all by local bus.  It's a bit complicated but possible, I've done it several times.

As for Forchheim: IMHO, don't bother with the Kellerwald.  All the same breweries are in town, including the wonderful Neder.
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