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Mahr’s U is basically Bass, isn’t it?
Posted by barry on 2018-01-29 09:44:14
This is very interesting.  First, apologies for getting Yorkshire Squares and Burton Union mixed up.  Of Course, it's the Burton system that is used for Pedigree and for Pedigree alone.  As an aside, I wonder why so many of the younger real ale enthusiasts turn their nose up at Pedigree?  IMHO, it's still a good beer and one of the few that you can easily get bottle-conditioned (cheap as well, £1.27/500 mls in Lidl!).  Yorkshire Squares are a related system of brewing used once upon a time widely in - Yorkshire!

I tend to agree about beers that have changed (see my last post) but there may be exceptions to the rule, as this article suggests (  I've had the new Tetley's and it's quite good.  I also drank the old version during my days in Leeds (1974 - 77) but I don't think that my taste memory can honestly tell me how the two compare.

Having now drunk a lot of the micros in the last 12 months, I can say that there is,generally, quite a difference between them and the older beers.  I think that it mainly is due to the hops used.  So many of the new breed of brewers have become infatuated with new world hops and in producing these crisp, citrussy beers - Golden ales and the like.  Now, I quite like some of them but some are just bloody awful - really experimental brews that shouldn't have been let out of the brewery! 

In the last few weeks, I've been going to a couple of pubs that tend towards the older breweries and, really, I prefer them.  I'm sure that this is down to age and we tend to like those things that we remember from our youth.  But, and I've said it before, there's nowt wrong with Fuggles and Goldings and with beers that are around 4%.
                   Mahr’s U is basically Bass, isn’t it? by Jason  on  2018-01-29 10:40:38
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