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Posted by Jason on 2018-01-12 01:04:21
As it’s so quiet I thought I’d post something about Klosterbrau. Most regulars will know it has been a rather inconsistent place to drink over the years and up until a few weeks ago I’d only visited once in a few years. However, a friend of mine has been talking about this tapper, Igor, from Hungary, who turns the beer from ordinary into nothing short of fantastic. As the Czech proverb goes “the brewer brews the beer, the tapper makes the beer”.

A few weeks ago we popped our heads in and Igor was behind the bar. We sat in the Schwemme and enjoyed a Milka of pils, a Czech technique of pouring the beer very high but crucially with very fine foam. The level of visible liquid in the glass is probably less than an inch but if you left it sitting it would rise to 2/3 of the glass. The pouring completely alters the taste dynamic of the beer – it’s glorious. We then had a seidla of the pils which was also superbly tapped and tasted pretty good too. It almost looked like a weizen with all those fine bubbles swirling around to eventually settle forming a crown on top that remained throughout, coating the glass with rings of 'Brussels Lace'. The best was the Schwarzla bock schnitt, the creamy mouthfeel giving all the coffee, chocolate and vanilla flavours license to play.

I’m not sure how I can better explain this but all I know is that the beer was infintely better than the usual fayre in Klosterbrau. If every brewery had an Igor then Bamberg would truly be the best place in the world to drink beer, displacing the Czech Republic in my opinion. If only he would move to Spezi or Keesmann… 

If you're lucky, I might take you along and if we're lucky, Igor just might be working his magic behind the taps. 

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