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Heller Bocks
Posted by barry on 2017-12-07 09:07:15
Good of you two to try to clear all this up, though, to be honest, not sure that I am much clearer - sorry!

Regarding Stube - yes, a room, understood.  It makes sense in Zoigl-land because the front room of someone's house was the original venue for serving Zoigl.  The development of such locations into fully fledged pubs/bars/what-you-will is a pretty late development - maybe in the last hundred years or so, not long considering the duration of the Zoigl tradition (in the case of Neuhaus, back to 1415, a hundred years before some obscure ordnance on beer purity was promulgated).  I'm not sure whether the practice of serving beer in the living room of the family house can be found Bavaria-wide but I wouldn't be surprised.  Apart from anything else, the Kommunbrauhaus and local 'Braurecht' traditions are not exclusive to the Oberpfalz.  

As for 'Wirt', I have always found this word to be quite confusing.  I understand that it means landlord or host but host can have several meanings; host as the landlord and host as in 'every parasite adapts to its host and evolves' (taken from an online dictionary).  Ok, as Jason says, you can add Stube and/or Haus and get Landlord's room/house but add 'schaft' (die Wirtschaft) and you get economy - that takes a bit of a leap of the imagination.  Again, the suffix 'schaft' has always puzzled me.  In itself, it seems to mean shaft or shank, so how does Wirtschaft become economy or Mannschaft become team?  Incidentally, what is a female team called: Mannschafterin, Frauschaft?  We shoud know!
                   Heller Bocks by Jason  on  2017-12-08 06:21:26
                     Heller Bocks by barry on  2017-12-08 09:31:55
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