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January dilemna
Posted by barry on 2017-11-04 08:20:11
It is only a few weeks since I got back from my tour of Bayern and Bohemia but, already, itchy feet starting.  I think that it's reading all the reports on this Forum.  By January, having, hopefully, got through the probable boredom of Xmas and Sylvester, I'll be positvely champing at the bit!

So, what to do?  I had thought of going somewhere a bit warmer than tropical Colwyn Bay - maybe Sevilla or southern Italy or somehere like that - but, then again...  Maybe January for a week-ish in Bamberg might be nice (still like it for all it's detractions) or maybe spend my leftover Crowns in Czechia and try to see some of the pubs in Praha that I missed in October.  Maybe it'll be a bit less crowded, although probably quite cold.

I have taken the revolutionary step of buying a Smartphone (only have to figure out how it works now), so that should make finding places much easier.  Gosh, I seem to be talking myself into Praha at the moment, has anyone been there in January - I suppose our Czechische correspondents will have, so what's it likely to be like?  Cold?  Wet?  Crowded?
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