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OT: Deutsche Bahn query
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-09-11 05:41:37
    Barry, either you have been misinformed, or the three of us who have responded here have. As I am absolutely confident Jan, Gunnar and I understand what sorts of tickets you can use between the Flughafen and destinations outside the VGN, I am tempted to think you have been misinformed.

You certainly can buy single journey tickets online in advance, I used to when I had a normal paper ticket online account, before I got the smartphone app a few years ago. (The latter obviously has even more convenient advantages...progress!)

You're thinking of the 

AFA your not being sure what to make of my last sentence above....I'm not sure what you're not sure of! You had said something was "inconvenient". I missed what it was you meant, but then on re-reading your post, it became clear what you meant was inconvenient. Or.....?
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