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Closing times
Posted by Jason on 2017-08-22 23:18:04
So looking at websites Waldschloss seems to be open as normal on your dates (I'm assuming you've checked listed opening hours), Weyerbrau as normal, Martinsbrau as normal, Hoepfl you have to make an appointment in advance, Max Bender (no tap advertised).

To be honest I'm not sure how common these 'betriebsurlaub' are outside of the Bamberg region. The tourism and strong local following here must allow for luxuries like being able to close in the summer season for 2 weeks - I'm not sure the same can be said in other areas of Franconia. Furthermore, these are brewpubs and so require a lot of time invested by a family business - most of the places you are looking to visit are breweries and it's possible the pubs are run as a separate business.

Anyway, if you want to meet in Bamberg a few days before I can assist further. Would love to give you some cash and a case to fill with bottles as I haven't had beer from most of these breweries (if not too much trouble).
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