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Overpriced...what the market will bear
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-08-25 05:38:12
The only places I've eaten around there are ... Wetherspoons. And whatever that up-scale (?) Scandinavian place was that was in the new glass building on the left before Piccadilly. It had two or three cask beers on, and was great. And was busy every time (2 or 3) we went in, no idea what happened to it.

I presume you know this but will go on about it anyway: Eating/drinking places can be called "Keller" and actually be located in a Keller. Like "Ratskeller", which seems to me to be a somewhat common occurance: the Keller of the Rathaus. The only one off the top of my head that I've eaten in is in Herzogenaurach.

(Is the story of the emperor's new clothes known to Germans?)
                               Overpriced...what the market will bear by barry on  2017-08-25 06:40:06
                                 Overpriced...what the market will bear by Nick B. on  2017-08-27 01:38:37
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