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Posted by Nick B. on 2017-07-07 02:10:27
Spent a couple of hours in the baking sun in front of Neder & Hebendanz yesterday, before heading off to Buttenheim. As I arrived, I got a Schnitt of Neder, as the barrel was just emptying. And it was *lovely*. Soft, slightly malty, and clean.

Then I went for a Seidla from the new barrel, and it was sadly apple-y and wax-y, as near as I can describe it. IOW, that same old phenomenon of barrel-barrel variation there.

Then we retired to Hebendanz, where the keg Export Hell was as lovely as it usually is, though obviously gassier, which is a bit of a distraction. I really miss the old bayerischen Anstich there. And...tablecloths? Needless to say, while Neder was doing a bit of early afternoon trade, we were the only people at Hebendanz.

And the new Dunkel was pretty nice. It's only been on a couple of weeks, and is a recreation of the beer they used to brew until 1979.

A half-Seidla glass at Löwenbräu Gaststätte ("yes, it is exactly the same beer as at the Keller") was nice, as was a subsequent Seidla auf dem Keller. Not the greatest it's ever been, but quite nice. Two of the four I'd with had never been to a countryside Franconian Bierkeller before (only the Bamberger Keller), so it was nice that it was in good shape for them.

Microbrewery batch-batch variation.
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