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Buttenheimer Löwenbräu Kellerbier
Posted by Jason on 2017-06-06 23:52:15
All I have to say is that I was in Buttenheim Keller on Monday after a long hike in the Fraekische Schweiz. I haven't been to Buttenheim for perhaps nearly a year.

The Kellerbier in the Keller was very good. That's all I have to say, I don't go often enough to either to have an opinion on the differences, except that kegging it would lose some of the complexity. I had thought the beer had gone downhill in recent years but perhaps not.

The 'wooden barrel' is a little irrelavent surely, as I would be very surprised if the inside was wood - that would change the beer completely. It's just nice aesthetics, like Schlenkerla.  

     Buttenheimer Löwenbräu Kellerbier by Nick B. on  2017-06-07 01:09:20
       Buttenheimer Löwenbräu Kellerbier by Jason  on  2017-06-07 07:03:33
         Buttenheimer Löwenbräu Kellerbier by pivnizub on  2017-06-07 08:42:17
           Buttenheimer Löwenbräu Kellerbier by Nick B. on  2017-06-08 02:24:23
             Buttenheimer Löwenbräu Kellerbier by Nick B. on  2017-06-08 07:44:27
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