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Lowenbrau Spetzi spezi ??
Posted by Andrew H on 2017-06-01 05:43:08
On my recent visit to the Lowenbrau keller at Buttenheim I noted that some "locals" were ordering "Spetzi or spezi" And getting an Amber coloured Weiss beer. naturally I followed suit out of curiosity,and it turned out to be a Delicious delight! it does not seem to feature on their website,any words of wisdom/info Chaps.
   Lowenbrau Spetzi spezi ?? by Jason  on  2017-06-01 06:53:40
     Lowenbrau Spetzi spezi ?? by Nick B. on  2017-06-01 07:39:10
       Lowenbrau Spetzi spezi ?? by Jason on  2017-06-01 08:10:33
         Lowenbrau Spetzi spezi ?? by Mosquit on  2017-06-01 09:22:56
           Lowenbrau Spetzi spezi ?? by Gerhard Schoolmann on  2017-06-01 09:49:36
     Lowenbrau Spetzi spezi ?? by Andrew H on  2017-06-02 02:57:52
       Lowenbrau Spetzi spezi ?? by Nick B. on  2017-06-02 05:23:18
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