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Czech pubs smoking ban
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-05-04 12:05:37
Dunno...will smokers really stop going to the pub en masse and stay home, or will they go and smoke less, going outside to do so? For me, the smoke is nasty and annoying enough to put me off spending much time in sucha place to experience the place. Mrs is much less tolerant of it than I am, with her sensitive eyes. My sister's got athsma. (Not that she would ever likely to join us in Prague, mind.)

Arguments about the smoking ban killing the pubs in the UK don't really stand up to scrutiny. The number of pubs there has been declining at more or less the same rate before and afterwards. If the ban were really as bad as claimed, we'd see a sharpening of the decline in the couple or few years after the ban, then levelling off. But that's not really the case.

The gastro trade here increased after the Rauchverbot in 2008 according to what I read. People started spending more on food & drink, presumably staying out longer. But after the complete Rauchverbot in 2010...?

Czechia is potentially a different story, I plead ignorance of it.
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