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Bus 265...New Roppelt Dunkel
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-05-01 06:19:26
Was at Roppelt's Keller and the Kreuzberg yesterday, first time this year. Met two people there who came by taxi from Forchheim because...Bus 265 just never came. (I biked from Eggolsheim.)

I looked it up and could only see that the AST was running, you needed to call an hour in advance to get picked up, but "best to call the evening before". Yeah, that's helpful. So the other two took a regular taxi to Bamberg from the Kreuzberg, wanting to get to Spezial quickly. It cost 42€, and took them nearly as long as it took me to bike to Hirschaid and then take the train. Not sure why, but the taxi driver went a long way around to Bamberg, although he'd agreed to a fixed price before hand.

Now looking at the actual schedule, I see that Sundays are ONLY AST, no regular busses, from Nov - May. From May, the "Sommer" schedule applies, meaning busses every 2 hours til 18:52, plus one at 20:52 on the various summer holidays (Feiertage "FT") . I didn't know the bus doesn't really run on Sundays in "winter"...anyone else?

And there was quite a surprise for me at Roppelt's:

The new Dunkel...a bit sweet, but the first half of the Seidla was quite enjoyable. The Maß of Kellerbier was quite fine yesteray, and if I had had the Dunkel first instead, maybe it would have been better. And then up the hill, where the Schlotfegerla and Edelhopfen were both really good at the place everyone loves to hate. Excellent, they were. And the Spezi U was too. As was the Sauerbraten and what I ate of the Kloß...Kloß-fans need to eat them there -- handmade.

All in all, an excellent first visit to both Roppelt's and Kreuzberg Keller, and an unplanned one as well. I THINK the prices at Roppelt's are the same as last year's.
           Bus 265...New Roppelt Dunkel by Barry on  2017-05-01 07:26:46
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                     Bus 265...New Roppelt Dunkel by Nick B. on  2017-05-02 06:38:08
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