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VGN Freizeitlinien
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-04-22 04:17:12
That is, the special summer break bus lines running from May to October. There was a page in the paper about the lines starting up, including a map that I couldn't recall seeing before. And here it is on the VGN webbie. (VGN being the Verkehrsgro├čraum N├╝rnberg, the regional mass transit authority.)

Zoom in to see where the various lines cover. Green = trains, purple = Freizeitlinien, orange = normal lines that run on holidays & weekends. AFAIK the Freizeitlinien run on Sundays & holidays, not on weekdays. But I've not made a study of it, nor am I going to unless someone has a specific question about one.

But confusingly, they call the 265 a Freizeitlinie, though it also runs daily, year round. I guess just extra times on Sundays & holidays during summer?

Another cycling idea for Barry: Eggolsheim to Uehlfeld, by way of Aisch (Rittmayer). Bit long, but work your way up to it.
   VGN Freizeitlinien by Barry on  2017-04-22 12:30:42
     VGN Freizeitlinien by Nick B. on  2017-04-23 04:04:57
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