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Visit to Franken...Bamberg Plan
Posted by Jason on 2017-04-02 23:20:21
As this is only your second visit to bamberg I would probably say you're attempting way too much. For a start being here on a Sunday/Monday and Tuesday is not ideal because a lot of breweries have their Ruhetag (rest day) on these days. Wagner and Hummel won't both be open on Monday and Tuesday because one shuts Monday the other Tuesday. 

Faessla and Mahr shut on Sunday afternoons and evenings. Buttenheim you will need to check opening times and be aware that the town center is a couple of kms from the train station. 

Personally I would focus on bamberg and the immediate area before going off too far. Doerfleins is close and the bus service is good. It's shut on mondays. Forchheim is also easy to spend a day in visiting the 4 breweries. Kreuzberg is a good experience but it's a day in itself. 

It's up to you but one can end up losing time by travelling all over the place. 
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