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Posted by Jason on 2020-12-31 03:35:23
Political (and a personal choice). It's none of my business if others choose differently and if they do, doesn't mean they are in agreement with said politics. 

I also don't like contract brewing. It's creeping in more and more here. You can see the attraction: reduce costs of equipment upkeep, reduce workload brewing and yet keep your 'brand'. For old family breweries this must be hard to resist as a compromise, but I feel there should be a strict requiring to have stipulated clearly on bottles that the beer was 'lohngebraut' and where. Otherwise it's an insult to those who continue to struggle on (IMO).

Then there are the likes of Landwinkl and Brobier who start out with a brand and then brew somewhere else (Reckendorf). I understand though that they want to maybe test the water and establish a brand/raise capital before investing in equipment etc, 

It doesn't help that Brovier is seriously average stuff. And yet they gave a strong brand and it's very popular - it's everywhere and people drink it!? Whilst better brewers with much stronger products struggle. I guess though that the charm that we see in the traditional breweries is something different to the younger locals and they want something more 'hip'. They'll regret it later in life. 
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