Alte Klosterbrauerei

Alte Klosterbrauerei

Alte Klosterbrauerei An Andreas Gündel Top 10 Pick

Vierzehnheiligen 6
Vierzehnheiligen 96231

 0 95 71 / 34 88

A secularly owned brewery on the grounds of a monastery. Also known as Brauerei Trunk (after the family name)

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Comment from Jan-Erik Svensson on 2003-03-31 08:53:39

 The church is definitly the major attraction here, but the lightish and dryish beer is good enough to spend a couple of minutes on.

Comment from Justin Mace on 2003-07-23 13:15:53

 I really like the beer here, although if you parked at the bottom of the hill and walked up, it would make almost anything taste better. If I remember correctly, I found the beer to be a slightly dry and very smooth.

Comment from Timothy Holian on 2005-02-16 23:03:24

 Vierzehnheiliger Nothelfer Lagerbier: malty, slightly spicy nose, with a good golden color. A slightly burnt malt taste throughout detracts from the results, though good hoppiness is noted toward the finish. A tad sharp overall, could use a little "softening."

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