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Gäntaller Shop in Bamberg
Posted by Nor on 2020-06-14 03:23:48
The reason they canned is that they're stuck with the first batches of beer brewed under their new Gaenstaller Braumanufaktur moniker due to Covid. As they'll realisttically aim to be an Export, or rather distributed than local brewery, canning instead of bottling was likely the smarter choice.

Hope it goes well for them!
       Gäntaller Shop in Bamberg by Jason  on  2020-06-14 03:43:59
         Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by Uncle Jimbo on  2020-06-14 23:59:11
           Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by FredW on  2020-06-15 00:06:37
           Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by JohnRatcliffe on  2020-06-15 01:42:49
             Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by TomM on  2020-06-15 01:46:08
             Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by TomM on  2020-06-15 01:48:02
             Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by Jason  on  2020-06-15 01:55:42
               Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by JohnRatcliffe on  2020-06-15 02:02:52
         Gäntaller Shop in Bamberg by Gerhard Schoolmann on  2020-06-15 03:37:58
               Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by Nor on  2020-06-15 06:19:26
                 Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by Jason  on  2020-06-15 15:02:15
                   Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by Gerhard Schoolmann on  2020-06-15 21:49:53
                     Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by Jason  on  2020-06-16 00:47:33
                       Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by Nor on  2020-06-16 02:04:00
                         Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by Jason  on  2020-06-16 02:37:59
                           Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by Nor on  2020-06-16 02:54:03
                       Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by Andrew H on  2020-06-16 07:24:59
                   Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by Mads K on  2020-06-17 01:56:47
                     Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by Mads K on  2020-06-17 01:58:08
                     Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by Jason  on  2020-06-17 02:28:47
                       Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by Jason  on  2020-06-17 02:36:52
                       Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by Mads Klinkby/Dedollewaitor on  2020-06-17 23:59:39
                         Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by Jason  on  2020-06-18 02:49:58
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