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10 days itinerary (Franken, Oberpfalz, Plsen)
Posted by Jason on 2018-11-21 03:18:14
Hello JP, welcome to the Forum proper. You've asked for a lot of info and i will try my best to help you. I am also happy to meet for a beer when you're here; i will probably be at the Bockbieranstich in Moenchsambach. 

Your questions:

I'm especially looking for Anstichs, any near garantees?
I presume you're referring to bockbier, which means no, you only have Moenchsambach which is the last of the BBA before next September as far as I know. 
Breweries/pubs/beers I missed/you highly recommend? Especialy Frankische Schweiz?
This is a huge question. You have mentioned Heckel, i would add Held Brau not far off and, closer to Bamberg, Foerst in Druegendorf. Reichhold, Hoechstahl. There are others but I think you have enough. 
Do any breweries require reservation to buy bottles?
No, but you may find if you're not known they won't sell you the case as they don't think they'll get it back. The supermarkets have a good selection by the case.
Would breweries fill clean kegs if I show up with them?
I would just email them before and ask. If they have time and are in a good mood, you might, but it's not something I've ever done
Who are the extravagant breweries in Franken?
I'm not sure what you mean by extravagent. Some would say Heckel is extravagent whereas in reality it's just very quaint and traditional. Do you mean are they brewing 'out there' beers, are they only open on a full moon or what ;) ??
Recommendation for CZ?
Go. You need a month. Another huge question. 

On your itinerary:

First, be sure to check opening times and, if possible, call in advance if you're going out of your way. Krug in Geisfeld is now closed. Your Tuesday 18.12 looks hectic, going to Heckel and Moenchsambach in the same day is ambitious, even with a car, then remember both breweries' beers (Lager at M'bach) are nudging 6% so driving is not a good idea. I see it looks like you'll be driving on a few days - I don't judge but it's a risk. Also cycling in December could be nasty but then maybe you've got all the gear!

Re Gaenstaller, I find Andy to be too nice to say no, and almost everyday i imagine a line of well meaning tourists that must cause huge disruption to his job. Just my feeling, but if you know him, drop him a line. If you don't drop him a line :) 

Tell you what, if you meet me at Moenchsambach on Friday 14th December I would be happy to talk you through your plans. There is a bus from Bamberg mid afternoon. 

Bottom line, for a first visit you're doing a lot. I would say too much, just a personal feeling. If you want to tick, then fine, (i suspect not) but if you want to understand culture and get a feeling for this brewing rich region (I suspect yes), then I would go quality not quantity; yes breweries are closing but not that fast - they'll be there next time. And give time to Bamberg, it's a beautiful city and deserves some time outside of the breweries to explore it's history and culture. 
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