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Wagner - Oberhaid
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2018-06-21 08:30:06
Speaking of Goeller, i just noticed something very strange looking at google map.  On Obere Sandstrasse there is now a marker for Brewery Goeller (of Zeil) with a link to their website.  Maybe it's just a google map glitch.  But I found it odd that they would be linked on google map to Obere Sandstrasse.  Are they opening a pub there or are they contract brewing for one of them (such as Ahornla)?  The address is listed as Obere Sandstrasse 13.

           Wagner - Oberhaid by Fred Waltman on  2018-06-21 09:05:43
             Wagner - Oberhaid by TomM on  2018-06-21 13:32:51
               Wagner - Oberhaid by johnratcliffe on  2018-06-21 14:40:24
               Wagner - Oberhaid by Jason  on  2018-06-22 01:39:41
                 Wagner - Oberhaid by Jason  on  2018-06-22 01:40:49
                 Wagner - Oberhaid by barry on  2018-06-22 04:24:09
                   Wagner - Oberhaid by Jason  on  2018-06-22 05:19:51
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