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Posted by Bill Baburek on 2018-05-29 19:03:38
A group of me and 34 of my closest friends will be back in Bamberg on October 4th and 5th. We plan to hit up Schenkerla for the tapping and on Friday take our bus to the three village brewery bockbier tappings in Bischberg, Buttenhiem and Wurgau. Are these pretty good size parties? Are we able to just roll up and get some beers or do we need to contact them ahead of time and tell them we are coming? We have done this in the past and advised of our arrival, but not during the bockbieranstich. I figured since it was the Anstich that it would be a big party anyway at each place.  
   Bockbieranstich  by Bill Baburek on  2018-05-29 19:05:26
     Bockbieranstich  by Jason on  2018-05-30 02:14:24
       Bockbieranstich  by Jason on  2018-05-30 02:15:37
         Bockbieranstich  by Barry on  2018-05-30 02:44:58
       Bockbieranstich  by Mike on  2018-05-30 04:04:54
         Bockbieranstich  by Jason  on  2018-05-30 05:19:35
           Bockbieranstich  by Mike on  2018-05-30 05:59:16
             Bockbieranstich  by Jason  on  2018-05-30 07:44:01
               Bockbieranstich  by Mike on  2018-05-30 13:06:44
                 Bockbieranstich  by Jason on  2018-05-30 14:39:53
                   Bockbieranstich  by Mike on  2018-05-30 22:44:58
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