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Posted by FredW on 2018-03-31 19:07:16

Plato does not directly correspond to alcohol percentages. Plato (== Brix == Balling up to 5 or 6 decimal places) is just a measure of sugars in the initial wort. Most of those sugars will be converted to alcohol but not all -- depends on the yeast used and the specific sugars in the wort and stronger wort usually doesn't ferment as completely as a weaker wort (so the scale is not linear)

Historically, this was often used in taxation as calculating the alcohol percent is tricky and not really possible in the good old days. But weigh a volume of water, then the same volumn of wort and you have the Plato.

Spaten says that Optimator is 18.2ยบ Plato so it is in the Doppelbock range.
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