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Heller Bocks
Posted by Jürgen Wening on 2017-12-07 00:10:08
Oh dear...

Okay, if you're a Franconian and if you're going to the brewery pub you're going to the "Wirtschaft" or to the "Wirtshaus" (spoken "Wäddschaffd" or "Wäddshaus"). After entering the Wirtshaus your way instantly leads you to the "Wirtsstube" (spoken "Wäddsschdumm"). Regardless if the High German words "Gasthaus" or "Gasthof" are written onto walls or signposts.
               Heller Bocks by Jason  on  2017-12-07 03:26:56
                 Heller Bocks by barry on  2017-12-07 09:07:15
                   Heller Bocks by Jason  on  2017-12-08 06:21:26
                     Heller Bocks by barry on  2017-12-08 09:31:55
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