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Gnodstadt and Spielbach
Posted by Jason on 2017-11-12 04:25:19
So yesterday I drove Frank to Spielbach.  We made a quick stop in Schluesselfeld where the Stern vollbier was it's usual good standard and then headed to Brauerei Dull in Gnodstadt (near Marktbreit). Overall we had a nice hour or so but it was very much food focussed (it looked excellent) and lacking a little in atmosphere. The pils was good if not spectacular but their bock (I had a taste of Frank's) was really good. The old brewmaster informed us that at 7.5% it was almost a dopplebock. Certainly glad I visited and as always I don't judge pubs on one visit as many things can affect the atmosphere etc. I have a liter of the bock as a take out for this week. 

So we headed for Spielbach on a very wet Franconian Saturday evening. we managed to find a place with some locals and Frank was very interested in the local dialect which seemed to be a mix of Schwabisch and Fraenkisch (makes sense, but more of the former). One elderly lady at the table was got married in Ebelsbach and had connections with the Klosterbrauerei and an old Hassfurt brewery, Wahlfisch. I couldn't catch all of the discussion but Frank was pretty amazed to stumble upon someone like this in Spielbach.

I had a full sized beer which was very nice as usual. The schnitzel and lovely butter fat cooked potatoes was also enjoyed. All that aside though, the atmosphere was second to none. The place was almost full and coming in from the cold outside to the warmth and cosiness of the front room is a very simple yet refined pleasure. It's a place I could spent a lot of time in. It's got what Spezial has that Faessla doesn't - and multiply it by 10. 

Spielbach saved the best to last though. I explained to Frank that we had to pay Frau Unbehauen directly. So we took up seats across from her like 2 naughty schoolboys... Frank was loving it. Although she's getting on a bit she has a real twinkle in her eye - she recognised me and remembered I worked for adidas. As I said in my other post, I think Frank would have proposed to her there and then! It was a very enjoyable evening. 

HOWEVER, we did hear some sad news from the locals at our table. It would seem that the fate of the pub (not the brewery, yet) are dependant on Frau Unbehauen being alive. Apparently, the son has no interest in being a host and wants to shut the pub when she dies. Of course this would be a travesty. This is yet another threat to the Franconian beer scene - Peter Griess' potential future son in law (brewer and chef) has little desire to run the pub and sit and entertain old men. Even more so, the talented young brewer at Witzgall has zero interest - hence the pub is run by the owner and his wife (I think) in their 70s. Once they retire the pub will close. 

There is a lot of responsibility on the next generation of brewers and, in Frank's opinion, many of them are ill equipped for the hard work and little reward that is often the life of the brewer. If you look at some of the current owners - messrs. Merz, Kalb, Trum, Griess, Hoelzlein... they all work in their business and most in all areas and they understand the requirements. Looking at Stefan Michel, the next generation are already being distracted by all things shiny and messing about with things they should leave alone. 

Some food for thought. It's a snippet of a very long discussion Frank and I had yesterday. It won't be the last. 
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