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Franconia or not?
Posted by MatW on 2017-08-28 11:24:02
Here's a question that may spark a debate. When is Franconia, not Franconia?

I am planning to  visit Braueries Dörzbacher in Ahorn, and Herbsthäuser in Bad Mergentheim,  and several others west of Rothenburg a.d. Tauber, icluding Gold-Ochsenbrauerei and Franken Bräu next Thursday. They all have enteries on this site, and appear on the map. Are they included as they are close to Franconia, or are they actually in what has traditionally be classed as Franconia?
I have a map from the back of Frankens Brauereien (Raupach and Böttner) and one from die neue Frankische Brauereikarte (Mack) and on those maps, the western boundary of Franconia finishes along a line which joins Rothenburg with Dinkelsbühl which roughly parallel the A7 main road.  

So my question is, are all these breweries in Franconia or not?

If so, the job just got harder. Damn.


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