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Closing times
Posted by MatW on 2017-08-22 13:52:58
I was worried about this.On Friday we have a trip planned to go up towards Aschaffenburg to try some of the smaller breweries on 01.09.17 I have emailed all of them and only 2 have replied. I'm worried that we will get to places and fiond then shut.
Website are good but they seldom advise about holiday dates .
Unfortunately my German is not good enough to ring ahead and find out. 
We planned to visit, Waldschloß- Bräu in Frammersbach (no reply), Weyberbräu in Sailauf (no reply), Martins in Marktheidenfeld (no reply), Höpfl in Steinfeld-Waldzell and Max Bender in Arnstein (no reply), plus looking for Spessart, Schwindbrau, Pfarrbräu, and anything else that pops up. 
The only brewery that has replied are Spessart and Höpfl
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