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Visit to Franken...Bamberg Plan
Posted by euromannn on 2017-04-02 20:51:25
Sort of double psot:
Sunday - might stay in Bamberg as I know a few places: Fassla, Schlenkerla, Mahrs, Spezial, Greifenklau, Café Abseits.  That's if all open...and times most popular. Mahrs is no longer a favorite I guess that I had a U beer there last summer.  I like your critique on beers as I will try Keesman the big one I missed last summer which was closed.
Barry's fascinating DO-It-ALL while full of bier hop:
4. Buses - 907 to (Memmelsdorf) but 917/927 DO NOT run on Sunday to 
Schammelsdorf. Hoehn for a Seidla, wait for the 917/927 and get off in Schammelsdorf at Knoblach.
5. Walk to Merkendorf if I'm standing uporight after the first leg!!  Go to Hummel & Wagner are musts but which days Monday or Tuesday?
6.  Forschiem - train to forschiem--->Bus 265-->
Schlammersdorf, into Brauerei Witzgall, get back on and get off at Stiebarlimbach, 5 minute walk to Roppelt.  (per Barry's incrdible description!  Monday or Tuesday?
Then, walk up the hill to the Kreuzberg.  You can either come bck to Stieb or walk down the other side of the Kreuzberg, go in Lieberth Keller, then get the 265 back to Forchheim.  
7. Forschiem - Neder and Butternheim, which days/time?
8. Moenchsambacher 
Brauerei Zehender, Drei Kronen – 10km east of Bamberg, Bus # to Moenschsambacher?
9. Dorflens (Hallstadt along the way) Schwarzer Adler Eichhorn - 10 km north of Bamberg

How I go and when time of day & day are confusing and which transport option.

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