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Posted by Barry Taylor on 2020-12-30 04:33:36
There, that's told 'em.  I thought that you might have a view, Jason, as it's nearly in your yard.

By Hirschaid, I assume that you mean Kraus?  If so, is it the quality of Kraus' beer that you are referring to?  Me, I quite liked the beer - not earth-shattering but generally very acceptable, espcially the Trunk, which was J's favourite.

Or is it, shall we say, their socio-political stance?  Given what you have reported, it seems unlikely that I will be venturing there again - not that venturing anywhere in Franken is at all likely in the near future.  So, it's not a great sacrifice but a shame because I always liked the place (nice bar, friendly serving wenches - oops, sorry; lovely garden, handy for the station, etc., etc.).
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