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10 days itinerary (Franken, Oberpfalz, Plsen)
Posted by JP on 2018-11-20 15:23:46
First, thank you - this board is a great resource! I scrolled through posts of several years and hope you might have further recommendations. First Franken trip for me, having grown up in northern Germany but living abroad since more than a decade.
I'm working in a small brewery abroad and during a trip some time back had an memorable Monchsambacher from Anstich, that convinced me to finally visit Franken. Interested in the beers, peculiar breweries and brewing installlations but also the local drinking culture. Love to meet for a beer if some of you are around!

Below is an ambitious outline to deviate from spontaenously.
Of couse keeping in mind alcohol levels ect.

I'm especially looking for Anstichs, any near garantees?
Breweries/pubs/beers I missed/you highly recommend? Especialy Frankische Schweiz?
Do any breweries require reservation to buy bottles?
Would breweries fill clean kegs if I show up with them?
Who are the extravagant breweries in Franken?
Recommendation for CZ?


Travel by car & road bicycle

DEC 14 (Friday)
--- Seinsheimer Kellerbraeu
--- Brauerei Zehender (Bockbieranstich!)
DEC 15 (Saturday)
--- Hartleb
--- Scharpf
--- Metzgerbraeu
--- Knoblauch

DEC 16 (Sunday)
--- Griess
--- Krug Geisfeld
--- Liebert
--- Roppelt
--- Witzgall
--- Rittmayer

DEC 17 (Monday)
--- Spezial, Schlenkerla, Mahrs, Abseits, ...

DEC 18 (Tuesday)
--- Roppelt (Hausbrauerfass!)
--- Gradl
--- Heckel
--- Zehender (visit?)
--- Gaenstaeller (visit?)

DEC 19 (Wednesday)
or DEC 20 (Thursday)
--- PLSEN (suggestions?)
--- Pivnice Koutské Pivo
--- Pivovar Modrá Hvězda
--- Plzeňský Prazdroj

DEC 21 (Friday)
--- Gloser, Windischeschenbach  
--- Bahler, Windischeschenbach  
--- possible to arrange visits in Neuhaus, Falkenberg, Mitterteich?

DEC 22
--- Ohne Bedenken, Leipzig (?)
--- Bayrischer Bahnhof, Leipzig (?)
--- or return to Franconia (?)

DEC 23
--- Dusseldorf (?)

Thank you!
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