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Wagner - Oberhaid
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2018-06-20 12:49:25
I can't beleive I'm posting about this place for any reason however I saw the following comment in the news section over at the website.  Not sure if I'm horrified or intrigued.  I hope somebody is not investing money in refurbishing a brewery only to continue brewing horrible beer.  Maybe new owners (hopefully)?

More on Wagner in Oberhaid. Apparently, the brewery is currently undergoing renovation and the beers are being made elsewhere until work is complete.
   Wagner - Oberhaid by Jason on  2018-06-21 03:40:14
     Wagner - Oberhaid by Andrew H on  2018-06-21 05:15:13
       Wagner - Oberhaid by Mark Andersen on  2018-06-21 05:59:49
       Wagner - Oberhaid by Gerhard Schoolmann on  2018-06-21 06:08:43
         Wagner - Oberhaid by Mark Andersen on  2018-06-21 08:30:06
           Wagner - Oberhaid by Fred Waltman on  2018-06-21 09:05:43
             Wagner - Oberhaid by TomM on  2018-06-21 13:32:51
               Wagner - Oberhaid by johnratcliffe on  2018-06-21 14:40:24
         Wagner - Oberhaid by Andrew H on  2018-06-21 23:23:19
               Wagner - Oberhaid by Jason  on  2018-06-22 01:39:41
                 Wagner - Oberhaid by Jason  on  2018-06-22 01:40:49
                 Wagner - Oberhaid by barry on  2018-06-22 04:24:09
                   Wagner - Oberhaid by Jason  on  2018-06-22 05:19:51
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