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Czech wheat beers...
Posted by barry on 2017-08-23 12:07:33
I'll let you do what we nearly did in St Georgen keller - let you try it first!

If someone can find a Weizen that isn't sweet and sickly, I'll be prepared to give it a sip.

Actually, when we first started going to Germany, I was really excited about Weizen - after all, a top fermented, bottle-conditioned 'beer', what more could I want?  Then I tasted one - then one or two more.  Result, see above!

Incidentally, it was very quiet in the Hop last night, so Chris was showing me some of his new bottled beers.  including a couple from Brewfist, Codogno and one in a funny shaped bottle and a wizzy box; supposed to be brewed by a 'community of brewers' but the community seemed to consist only of In-Bev owned places.  Anyway, at 7% and £7 something for a 33 cl bottle, I passed it up.  As I did also the Brewfist Spaceman, similar size, similar price.  I noticed on Ratebeer that they get good ratings from European raters and so-so from Americans.  Not surprising given the quantity of strong US-IPA's available.  Why on earth should anyone want to buy these things in the UK?

Am I getting old crotchetty or just have a well-adjusted sense of realism?
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