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Visit to Franken...VGN Tickets
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-04-02 07:29:15
In your situation, as far as I understand it, you could get a 7-day Mobicard for all zones, the entire VGN region, for €87. This would get you from Nürnberg to Bamberg and back, including the airport.

OTOH, a daily TagesticketPlus for all zones would be €19.10 per day. So if you're going to be travelling for four days, then four x TagesticketPlus would be slightly cheaper than a 7-Day Mobicard.

You might also save more using the daily TagesticketPlus, if you spend a day only in Bamberg, for example, where you could use a much cheaper ticket for just Bamberg, than the all-zones one.

It all depends on where all you want to go on which days. Give that some thought first, then worry about the VGN tickets, would be my recommendation. In any case, it sounds to me like your biggest (and maybe best, depending on how complicated you like things or not) investment would be for a 7-Day Mobicard.
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