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Posted by Gavin Brooksbank on 2022-02-07 01:01:55
Hi all

Hope everyones well, just wanted to pick peoples brains if that's ok.  I'm due to travel over to franconia again, at last, in April, based in Bamberg as usual but travelling around to a few towns/villages hopefully. I've just realised that it's actually Easter when i'll be over (wed Apr 13th - Sun Apr 17th).  I've been to Germany about 8 million times but don't think i've ever been at Easter time so not sure what the vibe is like. Will i have any issues with public transport etc on good friday? And obviously the most important thing, what are breweries/pubs like in the Bamberg area around that time, any closures/strange opening times/reservations only and that kind of thing?  

Im know most things will be closed Sunday, im not too worried about that as I have a lunchtime flight.  Any comments/observations would be really helpful.


   Easter by Jason on  2022-02-07 02:49:19
     Easter by Gavin Brooksbank on  2022-02-07 03:51:56
       Easter by Jason on  2022-02-07 08:24:16
         Easter by Gavin Brooksbank on  2022-02-07 09:35:42
           Easter by Jason on  2022-02-07 10:22:49
             Easter by gavinbrooksbank on  2022-02-07 11:06:14
               Easter by Jason on  2022-02-08 01:21:23
                 Easter by Gavin Brooksbank on  2022-02-08 02:11:05
                   Easter by Jason on  2022-02-08 04:00:17
         Easter by Barry Taylor on  2022-02-08 04:17:05
                     Easter by Gavin Brooksbank on  2022-02-08 04:49:01
           Easter by Gavin Brooksbank on  2022-02-08 04:52:54
                       Easter by Rob Sterowski on  2022-02-08 07:07:41
                         Easter by Jason on  2022-02-08 09:56:42
                           Easter by Gavin Brooksbank on  2022-02-09 02:43:13
             Easter by Barry Taylor on  2022-02-09 04:28:38
               Easter by Jason on  2022-02-09 05:30:00
             OT - Easter by AndyH on  2022-02-09 08:23:17
               Easter by Gavin Brooksbank on  2022-02-09 09:45:48
                 Easter by Gavin Brooksbank on  2022-02-09 09:46:39
               OT - Easter by Jason on  2022-02-09 12:21:35
                   Easter by Jason on  2022-02-09 12:32:23
                 OT - Easter by Gavin Brooksbank on  2022-02-10 01:15:32
                     Easter by Gavin Brooksbank on  2022-02-10 01:17:24
                 OT - Easter by AndyH on  2022-02-10 03:01:12
                       Easter by AndyH on  2022-02-10 03:08:28
                   OT - Easter by Jason on  2022-02-10 03:23:41
                 Easter by Barry Taylor on  2022-02-10 08:57:12
                     Easter by Barry Taylor on  2022-02-10 09:12:18
                   OT - Easter by Barry Taylor on  2022-02-10 09:13:43
                     OT - Easter by Mark Andersen on  2022-02-10 09:15:28
                       Easter by gavinbrooksbank on  2022-02-10 13:42:16
                       Easter by Jason on  2022-02-11 02:52:53
                 Easter - Doerfleins Bus by Uncle Jimbo on  2022-02-12 10:53:29
                   Easter - Doerfleins Bus by gavinbrooksbank on  2022-02-13 10:36:11
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