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Posted by Jason on 2020-12-30 04:12:20
The beer is brewed in Hirschaid. Always has as far as I am aware. So that's 1 reason not to drink it. 

They bought the pub on the Siechenstrasse some 14 months ago I guess. There is now some sort of equipment there. The pub actually looks quite pleasant, though I haven't been in, on account of the beer. It's just round the corner from where I live. I cycle past often on the way to Spezial, outside of lockdown. 

I tried their beers once at their launch about 18 months ago at a festival in Bamberg. They were terrible. I don't rate Hausbrau Stegaurach either. Of course beer can change, maybe it's better, but I just feel that if you launch your beer like that you either have no clue how to brew or don't care about how your beer is perceived, neither of which are promising. It's an insult to the quality we have here to release such crap. 

Anyway, if they put a brewery in maybeI'll try them but in these times I'd rather support 'real' breweries. There are enough 'brands' around these days that pull the wool over people's eyes.  
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