Kommunbrauhaus A Frank Wetzel Top 10 Pick A Jürgen Wening Top 10 Pick

Plecher Straße 5
Neuhaus/Pegnitz 91248
Stopped brewing in 2014Small Brewery (less than 1000 hl/year)

Draft only

Beer served at one of three Gastsätte in town. The communal brewery has stopped brewing at the Gastätte now get their beers from Kaiser.

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Comment from Jan-Erik Svensson on 2003-05-09 05:15:56

 A really powerful Märzen, clean and malty with some balancing hops in the aftertaste. Sampled at family Döth's tap-room just under the castle.

Comment from Felix on 2003-06-12 05:14:56

 A very masterful beer.. Warning: Don't drink too much..

Comment from frank mcmenemy on 2003-09-07 02:55:41

 I stopped off at this small village whilst on my way back to Bamberg from Prague -- well, a supposed refreshment break of one hour suddenly developed into a two day celebration of finding a monumentally impressive brew from the Kommonbrauhaus, that was flowing gloriously at Pauli Reindl's Gastube on the Unterer Markt. Accommodation was found at the Frankisch Schweiz . located vards away from the house of liquid Nirvana ! ! Truly two wonderful days!

Comment from Jürgen Wening on 2008-09-22 01:55:24

 No words. There's simply no way to do it any better. The quintessence of beer.

Comment from Nigel on 2013-10-08 05:42:34

 Was here last Monday & didn't want to leave, only a short walk from the station are a few pubs all part of the Kommunal brewery, you will know them by the Zoigle (the star on the beermat next to the brewery picture) & the draught beer is superb

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