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Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2020-12-29 18:58:41
Landwinkl offers cases in a supermarket. You can see images at Facebook,
They need another location to fill these bottles. I don't know where they brew or let brew the beer for these bottles. The Hausbräu Stegaurach is not an home brew, but small. And the brewery in the Siechenstraße is very small. You can find images at their website: Maybe they develop new beers there or brew seasonal beers.

Jürgen Winkler is a professional brewmaster. He has worked some years at Weyermann and than at the bigger brewery Göller in Zeil. The  beers are brewed in a professional way, but I don't know where they brew or let brew at least if they need bigger volumes. Maybe seasonal beers, p.e. the Bockbier, is brewed in the Siechenstraße or Stegaurach. They offer the Bockbier in 1-liter-flip-flop-bottles and in 5-liter-cans.
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