Eggloffsteiner Str. 19
Pretzfeld 91362
Small Brewery (less than 1000 hl/year)

 0 91 94 / 72 50 25

Opens 9:30am Fri-Sun, 17:30pm other days

Opening Times

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Comment from Jürgen Wening on 2009-06-19 00:46:11

 Newly opened in October 2008, this new brewery works very traditional and is not a "Gasthausbrauerei": An old farm was converted to a beautiful brewery. Nice to see, that things like that happen in modern times! The brewery inn is also very traditional. As we could see yesterday, it works fine. The place was crowded with guests. Beer: A dark Keller and a "helles" Lager are in production. Both of them unfiltrated and - again - of a traditional taste. Well balanced and quite good. It was a delight to visit this place.

Comment from matw on 2010-07-06 02:45:46

 Visited here on Saturday 06/19/10. Nice and easy to get to by pblic transport as it's only 5 minutes walk from Pretzfeld station on the Forchheim - Ebermannstadt branch line. It was heaving when I arrived at 18:10 and had it not been for a sprint up the hill to get in front a large group I suspected were also heading for the pub, I wouldn't have got a seat, and even then I had to squeeze myself in on the end of a table. I only had a a plate of Bratwurst whilst I was there as I had an hour between trains, but I soon wished I'd ordered a full dinner as the food looked superb. The beers were good, but I would not say legendary yet, but given the equipment I could see and comments from Frank that he is improving rapidly, it will be one to return to. The bar is very nicely finished with pale wooden beams and trusses, and white walls. There is room for say 50 people inside and tales and benches aranged along the wall outside. If you want to eat here on a busy night I would suggest phoning ahead and reserving a table. I would recommend this place to anyone and it would make a nice evening trip from Bamberg. Trains from Forchheim leave at XX.35 as a rule and the last one back is at about 21:00.

Comment from barry on 2013-10-13 06:58:59

 A visit thanks to Juergen. Although this is a relatively new place, it doesn't feel that way. There are no fancy gimmicks, it seems just like a traditional, old-established Franken brew-pub. For the beers see Juergen above but I would be quite so enthusiastic - yes, quite drinkable but lacking a biut of character and depth. Food was good (even for veggies) and, as in most Franken Stube, not expensive. Nice view of lovely little modern brewery from the room.

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