Max Bräu

 On or near a bike bath A Don ScheidtTop 10 Pick

Hauptstrasse 25
Ampferbach 96138
Beers are contract brewed

 0 95 46 17 25

Draft only

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Comment from Fred Waltman on 2002-12-10 10:44:35

 Sad to say it has been reported that Max has stopped brewing and is now a "fake brewery" ("lohnbrauerei")

Comment from Sven Pohl on 2003-10-02 09:06:09

 I am just a normal human being and not into the depth of breweries but this beer is known as something very special and great. A lot of my friends who are now splattered all around Germany ask others that live in Bamberg to bring the beer far away. It is always action, you cannot buy the beer in Bamberg, you have to drive to the brewery and bring empty cleaned bottles with you, and then someone will fill the bottles. Everytime i drink it, i like it really much. A glass of beer still tastes nice after 1 or 2 hours waiting. But the beer, filled into a bottle you brang there, should not be older that 2 or 3 days. Best to drink it the same day. The only thing i can say: this beer is really very nice! And the Bockbier-Anstich which is every year on the first of may is great also! Try it! :-)

Comment from A. Kretzschmar on 2004-04-25 08:04:20

 Max Bräu is a very great beer!!!!!! No, it´s one of best of germany / franken!!

Comment from Jim & Wendy Stebbins on 2004-11-01 11:34:30

 Arrived about 7p.m., the large braueri was full, very lively,noisy,energetic crowd.They serve a hot menu til 11:00,which is very unusual.86yr. old Max, a jolly man, welcomed us, served our bier himself & sat @ the table having conversation.The bier had a very goodf, light flavor & you could not drink just "one".We asked German friends there,if it is true the bier is contracted,which is what we read on this website.Max no longer operates the braueri in Ampferbach.However,he owns/operates the Monchsambach braueri,& has it brought here.Very well worth a visit.

Comment from Christian Seniuk on 2006-12-06 06:37:11

 This is the guesthouse I feel most comfortable of all. You won´t find such a family atmosphere in an other brewery. The entire "Max-family" is so nice and they have allways time to talk with the guests and especially Max (nearly 85 years old)makes allways funny jokes. The beer is very special and famous about it´s high alcohol content and it´s typical taste (less carbonic acid, very smooth and very good). In any case you have to try the famous "Max-chicken" (order one or two days before). They are very hot and spicy and taste very well.

Comment from JACEK HARAZIM on 2009-05-29 05:23:16

 i am collector of label and about new other akcesori.i chew 14000 egzemplar.please new and oldest,specjal copies of labels supports and crown caps.thank you very much jacek harazim 44-270 rybnik ul.gen.andersa 7a/7 polska poland

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